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0 GP to 10 Bonds in a day on a MAXED Account


Nice addition to the bonds from scratch series! This time on my maxed main! Methods image: ZMI Running Discord:
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►Snapchat: Jakeyosaurus
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Commenting, Rating and Subscribing are all much appreciated! :)

Outro Music: ►Hundaes - If only & Other/BG music: ►OSRS - Various tracks

PLAY Oldschool Runescape: Making 1B GP In 1 Week From 0 - Day 1. Max Cash Challenge.. With A Twist! [Epic Adventure #75]. How Much PROFIT Getting Ranger Boots? Why Was RuneScape SO AWESOME?! (2007, OSRS). Elysian Spirit Shield Pking! DIVINE Re-Poll!?! [Epic Adventure #76]. Taking a New Noob Bossing (S2 E4). Getting Ranger Boots in a day. Testing Brutal Black Dragons in MAX GEAR for 10 hours. Taking a Noob Bossing (S3 E1). Bot Busting 2018 - Old School RuneScape.

posted by pirategraphixkv