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Starting Human

Starting Human
Purpose, it's what drives us. Everyone should have at least one. Tiny homes for the homeless, can give these human beings a chance to find purpose again. The Mission is Simple. Build Tiny Shelter/Houses for good people who are homeless, ignored and forgotten. How can someone have purpose in life if they don't have a place to call home. It's not big, in fact it's small. But It's a start. Help People. It's Time to Start being Human. For More Info, Updates and Picture's Please Check out our Facebook page: Follow Us on Twitter: @TinyhouseLA Instagram: Mythpla Google +: Every Donation, Like, share or Email Can Help Save Lives. Please Help Where Ever you Can! Please Make a Donation, Even $1 can Help in a big Way! Here's Our GoFundMe Campaign to make a Donation: Thank You!

posted by pariaratzbw