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Ruby & Robin Songs Superheroes Toys Rhymes

Ruby & Robin Songs Superheroes Toys Rhymes
"Ruby and Robin" – A refreshingly unique & fun way to teach children pre-school concepts through popular nursery rhymes, baby songs & educational videos. Welcome to the fun world of "Ruby and Robin", our dear little twins! :) - a unique place where the Real world meets the Cartoon world. Join them as they meet many different playful characters in popular nursery rhymes, baby songs and educational videos teaching colors, shapes, numbers, letters, abc's, phonics and so much more! Each video has things children absolutely love like Animals, Toys, Balloons, Cars, Buses, Planes, Chocolates, Boats, Rainbows, Candy, Trains, Cakes, and the list goes on! Dance with them, sing with them, learn with them! Enjoy great foot-tapping music with rich, colorful animation in beautiful HD and 4k Ultra-HD resolution! Designed to entertain children while teaching them pre-school concepts in a unique manner.

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