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PhotoshopCAFE, Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials, tips and hacks.

Hi everyone, I'm Colin Smith and I've made my living for over 20 years using Adobe Photoshop. I do training for Adobe and Apple and I've written 20 books. If you're here to learn Photoshop, I have hundreds of easy to follow Photoshop Tutorials and tips for you, as well as Lightroom tutorials + occasional photography tech or drone videos. There will always be lots of extra tips and things you only learn working in the real world with clients, for those of you who want to make money using Photoshop. If you use Photoshop as a hobby, this is the place for you too.

If you wonder how to do anything in Photoshop, this is the place for beginners, to advanced users. This is for photographers, YouTube creators, designers, startups and digital artists. Welcome to the CAFE on YouTube!

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