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pandapia HD

pandapia HD
“ pandapia”來源於英文裏的pandautopia它寓意著人和以大熊貓為代表的動物及大自然和諧相處的理想家園。
pandapia 將關註大熊貓不同的獨立個性並以人工繁育大熊貓的家族情感故事為核心將大熊貓回歸大自然的故事如三國演義般展現出來和全世界分享。

What is Pandapia?

Pandapia is an international project, which aims to document every newborn giant panda at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

This is the first ever case of the close examination of individual pandas.

From this project you can see any pandas in the world the point of the project is to explore and document the individual lives of pandas and to highlight that every giant panda is unique and share similarities to humans.

We will collect and share these wonderful stories about the giant pandas for all to see.


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