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Nightschool Blacksmith

Nightschool Blacksmith
The videos presented here detail my embryonic skills, I am improving. (Slowly) Should you find inspiration from this content, would you please consider supporting my efforts and enable me to achieve even more by visiting my Patreon page and contributing? I have what I believe to be a unique Patreon awards structure - do take a look, you will probably be pleasantly surprised! (link on my YouTube page) Experienced Smiths will see where I go wrong (often). It is very satisfactory to present someone with, or to use an artifact you have forged with your own hands! Have a go yourself! It is not too difficult to construct a simple forge, on which you can start with basic blacksmithing projects. One day (maybe) I shall be able to call myself 'A Smith'. Anything contained in this channel is my personal take on what is represented. It is for interest and entertainment only, and not meant as teaching. You will do what you will do at your own risk.

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