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My BB Bunny

My BB Bunny
My BB Bunny is a channel featuring the cutest and most adorable bunnies on the Internet. We go to great lengths to capture the wonderful world of bunnies like you've never seen it before. We also throw in an occasional dose of cute from other animal families as well to keep everyone honest.

The channel started with the original bunny, Booboo, a purebred, blueeyed white holland lop bunny, and the award winning bunny family. Our projects have taken us to the world famous Mimi Rabbit Cafe in Tokyo, and Okunoshima, a small remote island off the coast of Japan that is populated by thousands of feral bunnies that has recently come to popularity after our video series hit the Internet. More recently, we captured amazing footage during our trip to Tashirojima, also known as "Cat Island" due to the large stray (yet cute!) cat population that has now exceeded the number of local inhabitants on the island.

Visit the Bunny Shop at: http://www.mybbbunny.com

posted by preissavagx