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McCann Dog Training

McCann Dog Training
At McCann Professional Dog Trainers, we train more than 500 dogs every week to become wellbehaved family members. On the McCann Professional Dog Training channel, I'm going to help YOU to have a wellbehaved fourlegged family member. We have helped more than 90,000 dogs to be good family members!

Speed up your puppy training with our puppy potty training videos. Prepare for that new puppy/dog training experience by having all of the things you'll need for your new pup. Learn how to use different pieces of dog training equipment with our Gentle leader dog collar training series.

We will help you to have that well behaved, fourlegged, family member! Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button because we post videos every week and we also have a live dog training show on Thursday's at 7:30PM, and you don't want to miss any of the action!

Looking to send us your dog product so we can check it out?
Mail to:
Ken Steepe,
929 Brock Road,
R.R #4 Flamborough,
Ontario, L9H 5E4

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