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Body/Face Painter ∙ SFX Artist ∙Self Taught ∙ Licensed in skin care and hair care ∙ Family run business owner ∙ Transformations into characters ∙ Type 1 Diabetic ∙ Optimist ∙ Oddball ∙ Non Toxic Creator

Most of the time growing up, I felt like an alien on this planet. I was "different," and very driven towards my goals. I spent, and still spend, most of my time creating. I didn't WANT to fit in, I just wanted to be myself. I created Madeyewlook in hopes to find other creative "oddballs" like myself! I can honestly say I am so grateful to have so many supporters on this channel. I love inspiring others, and most importantly, I love being weird/me.

Madeyewlook (Pronunciation: Madeyoulook)

Please do not bully or leave negative comments on here towards me, or others. Always be kind, you never know what is happening in someone elses life.

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posted by tewgrwn5y