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The world could use more straight shooters. You won’t ever have to wonder about what LP is thinking. She’ll gladly tell you. In fact, the singersongwriter lays all of her cards on the table every time she makes a record. No filter, no censorship, and no bullshit. The artist’s latest fulllength released late 2018—the aptly titled Heart To Mouth —stands out as her most direct statement yet, launching various hits around the world, the most recent, Girls Go Wild crowned the most played song at radio in Italy in 2019.

She started to pave the way for that highway on 2017’s Lost On You. The title track “Lost On You,” has now been #1 in 18 countries, Diamond in Mexico and France, 4x Platinum, Platinum in Greece and Poland, Gold in Belgium and Switzerland, and has recently surpassed 1 billion streams. She’s been hailed by Billboard, Paper, Out Magazine, V Magazine, Interview, British Vogue, recently claiming the cover of Elle Mag Mexico, on top of showstopping performances everywhere.

posted by kr213th4w