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Kelvin McNeil

Kelvin McNeil
This channel is all about spreading the wealth of knowledge to help everyday people bridge the poverty gap in America and improve your mindset to overcome any obstacle. Eachoneteachone! The true wealth in today's society is financial education.. with it your earning potential is infinite; without it.. no matter how much money you come across, you'll always be poor. Its a mind game.

With the right mindset, not only will you break barriers and generational curses but you will find peace and happiness. I'm here to dismantle all financial obstacles in your way. Aiming to instead, teach you how to become Self Paid in The Shade! while maintaining mentally fit.

My motto is CONSTANT PROGRESSION. It's what we should all strive for. If you're interested in Financial Wellness, including credit, business credit, budgeting, etc. | Mindset Therapy, emotional intelligence, entrepreneurship etc. | and Real Estate please subscribe! This channel will post new content weekly!

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