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How To Train A Dream Dog

How To Train A Dream Dog
Puppy training with Michele Lennon, a certified trainer with 20 years of professional experience, will help you potty train your puppy faster, crate train your puppy easier, make teaching cuess like sit, down, stay, and “come” a breeze.

Training a puppy to respond the first time you ask for a command instead of tuning you out doesn’t have to be a challenge. Getting your puppy to have great manners isn’t a chore when you know how to unlock your puppy’s brain. You can melt away any frustration you may have as you learn how to teach your puppy to stop unwanted behaviors such as accidents in the house, jumping, barking, pulling on the leash, biting, chewing and so much more!!

If you’re committed to raising the best puppy on the block, then you’re committed to learning the best techniques from Michele to teach your puppy any new skill, behavior or cue.

Training topics include: dog training, puppy training, obedience, tricks, stopping unwanted behaviors, best toys and pet supplies

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