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Abu music

Abu music
مغني، كاتب، وموسيقي مصري ساخر بيغني بس كلامه و ألحانه مؤمن بأهمية الفن في نشر الوعي للمجتمع. Egyptian singer, songwriter, and musician who has gained acclaim for his street slick writing and his work in the soft rock and acoustic genres. He only sings his lyrics and music, believing in the necessity of promoting social issues through his songs, and whoever doesn't understand Egyptian still gets his upbeat vibe. After 8 years in brand management & Marketing career in one of the leading multinationals, and in 2012, Abo has decided to quit his corporate career believing that following his passion for Music & Lyrics will lead to a more exciting and meaningful life.

posted by vidagriega0j