Sugalabo: In Search of Perfect Produce

Simon and Martina
Yosuke Suga - head of SUGALABO, former right hand man to Joel Robuchon, and former Iron Chef France - brought us along with him to explore Ehime prefecture and to hunt for the best citrus and produce Japan has to offer. Afterward his search, he brought us back to his restaurant in Tokyo, where he showed us how he creates his dishes, and told us the whole point of his laboratory. Come with us on perhaps the most profound food experience we've ever had. I think what Suga is doing is really special, and I hope we can share that with you in this video. If you want to learn more about Suga, or to see more pictures from our time together, check out our blog post for more: ☞ If you want to follow more of Suga's trips around Japan, check out his Instagram here: ☞ And thanks to Yohei, who is an amazing photographer and who shot the drone footage seen in this video. He's a seriously cool dude. Check out his Instagram: ☞ Special thanks to Fujingaho Magazine for allowing us to tag along during their photoshoot of Suga. They have a special monthly feature of Suga on his adventures as well as a one of a kind recipe. Check out their magazine while in Japan or below: ☞ Subscribe for more videos: ☞ Our crazy Instagram feed: ☞ Check us out on Facebook: ☞ Chat with us on Twitter ☞ Losing a Race to a Man on a Cane. Goodbye Korea. Hello Japan! Almond Flour Pizza Crust. WTF - Hello Kitty Roulette. Love: The Cat Stationmaster. Jaws Dukbokki: Your Gateway Drug to Korean Street Food. What is smug wendy's? A look at the Sassy Wendy's Twitter Roasts. TL;DR - Mental Health in Korea. How to Make Pajeon, aka Green Onion Pancake. THE BABY WONT LET US GO TO PARIS.
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