Science Experiment LIQUID NITROGEN vs PEPSI

Google+ ------------------------------ Music: Kasger - Reflections [NCS Release] Kasger • • • • 5 Awesome Tricks with Lighters. Science Experiment LIQUID NITROGEN vs COCA COLA. EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree PAN VS ORBEEZ BALLS. 7 Simple Life Hacks. 6 Life Hacks with Drinking Straw. EXPERIMENT Glowing 1000 degree KNIFE VS ORBEEZ BALLS. Can the iPhone 7 Survive In Liquid Nitrogen for 5 minutes? 5 Awesome Magic Tricks. EXPERIMENT SPARKLERS vs ORBEEZ BALLS. iPhone 7 in Coca-Cola vs Sprite vs Fanta vs Pepsi 24 Hours Freeze Test!

by MrGear

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