Kid Breaks Dad's IPod

While playing alone in his room. This 5 year old accidently breaks dad's IPod, however quickly tries to cover his tracks with this slick move. What this 5 year old doesn't know, it was all being recorded the entire time!!! To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email Most Spoiled Kid Ever! (READ DESCRIPTION!). Teacher Flipping Out Throws Stuff in Classroom. Fat kid cries when 360 breaks. Crazy Girlfriend Smashes Minecraft Screen (Original). Sydney crying over broken iPod :3. Dad Punishes Daughter- If Ya Grades aint Shyt Gimme that iPhone 6. KID BREAKS MY SEXY PHONE!! | John Vuong. Kid breaks phone while doing trickshot. Kid breaks iPod. Russian kid breaks window at school. EPIC FAIL!

by jvskitchen