Horse Stomps On Alligator - Only in Florida

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Krystal Berry via Storyful To use this video in a broadcast or monetized player, contact See and search Storyful Licensed Videos here: Bow fishing Monster Gator Gar and More. Plus Underwater Kill Shots! Amazing Crocodile Attacks Leopard To Death And Eat It. Alligator attack at Disney World: Body of Lane Graves found after being grabbed by gator - TomoNews. Florida Man Eaten By Gator While Hiding From Police. Gator eating Gator. Texas Man Yells 'F*ck That Alligator,' Alligator Then Eats Him. Bull Shark vs Crocodile Attack. THE TOP 10 || TOP 10 CROCODILE ATTACKS || Crocodile vs Zebra, Elephant, Baboon, Wild Boar, Buffalo. alligator attack and kicked by a horse. ALLIGATOR BITE!

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