Fresh Snow Can Cheer Up Anyone

Smiley The Blind Dog
Blind Dog Smiley has a little extra pep in his step today! Smiley was born without eyes and is 15 years old. He is mostly deaf but he can still hear high pitch. Imagine being blind and deaf? This is not my voice, but for him I will call for him in a voice he can hear. I hope this clear this all up and puts an end to the comments about this. This video is being represented by Jukin Media. For licensing/usage please contact Jukin Media at Loki the Snow Corgi! Welcome to Smiley's World! Show This To Your Parents To Get You A Dog! Smiley The Blind Dog! | The Meredith Vieira Show. My dog gets super excited at the food bin being opened, yet she's very well disciplined. Aaaaahhh that feels gooood! Blind Dog Smiley. Cutest Dog Smiley the Blind Dog. Hilarious Mia The Beagle Gets Distracted at WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW 2017. köpek eğitimi.avi.