Canada lynx absolutely loves being brushed

Rumble Viral
Max, the animal ambassador, gets a morning brushing from his caretaker. As you can see from the handful of fur off to the side, he has been shedding his winter coat, which started in early March. He's really enjoying the brushing! Source & embed code: For licensing, please email CANADIAN LYNX - Species Spotlight. Here's Why Everyone Wants To Move To Canada. Deaf parents learn they'll be grandparents for the first time. Mysterious ocean tunnel leads to 4 mile deep drop off. Baby opossums miraculously rescued from decomposing dead mother. 'Tap dancing' bulldog struggles to jump on couch. Kid gets hit by car, acts like nothing happened. Adalia Rose shows us her 'Miranda Sings' makeup tutorial. Ground crawls with massive baby crab migration. French Bulldog freaks out over hard boiled egg.

by Rumble Viral

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