An injured Pit Bull gets scared of rescuers, but a cheeseburger changed his mind.

Hope For Paws - Official Rescue Channel
Yesterday I posted a CAT RESCUE VIDEO - Don't forget to check it out! Please donate $5 and help us save more lives: To adopt Banjo, please contact: Hope For Paws: Benji was homeless his whole life... WATCH what happens next! Please share. Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility. Please share. Abandoned dog gets nervous when the police shows up at the scene. Police Officer Comforts Injured Pit Bulls Who Were Abandoned On The Street. Three bulls on a farm are arguing over who gets to have the most cows. Extreme MINI PITBULL'S - Best Trained & Disciplined. Abandoned and Injured Pitbull Have Been Treated And Became Handsome. Pit Bull Near Death Gets a Second Chance at Life. Pit Bull, Bait Dog 'Frodo' Found with Duct-Taped Muzzle, Extreme Injuries. Pitbull attack: cyclist viciously attacked by 2-year-old dog, posts wounds to Facebook - TomoNews.