Amazon's 'Prime Day' has nothing on Alibaba's 'Singles' Day'

Tech Insider
Amazon's Prime Day may be incredibly popular in the US, but it has nothing on Alibaba's "Singles Day." The Chinese retailer pulled in $17 billion in just 24 hours last November. Here's how they do it. Read more: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: TUMBLR: 10 Amazon Prime Benefits You Might Not Be Using! Archaeologists unearthed a massive 1800-year-old mural. How ancient Romans made stronger concrete than today. The 'Scorpion King' is real — here's what this explorer found in his tomb. Elon Musk on Impressive Chinese Innovations - WeChat, Alibaba better than USA. Prime Day 2017. World's Most Expensive Doughnut. I’m the World’s Tallest Virgin | My Life ★ Evolutionary biologists have been misinterpreting a key point in Darwin’s theory for years. 5 Weird Inventions Available On Amazon.

by Tech Insider

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